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Decriminalization of Adultery: A Socio-legal scrutiny

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Authored By: Amber Tanweer & Ramsha Zaidi

Aligarh Muslim University

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“When adultery walks in everything worth having walks out”

-Woodrow Kroll

Adultery had been brought under punishment nearly 150 years ago under the Penal Code 1860 where women were exempted from any penal liability. Though many provisions of the Code had been amended during the span and demand of time, the provisions of adultery remain unchanged. The relevant legal provisions appear to be unconstitutional but the judicial interpretations are still in favor of them. It is explored that the law of adultery is not only defective but also induces the extra-marital sexual relationships. Apparently the law protects the women but because of its weakness, the law makes the women more vulnerable in society and also deprives them of legal protection.