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“Legal Position of Euthanasia in India”

Author: Abhinav Gupta

Assistant Professor of Law, Renaissance University


India is a country highly influenced by religion and orthodox beliefs. It is a cosmopolitan country with an amalgamation of different cultures, traditions and religions. Therefore, the people of our nation have different points of view on the issues relating to life and death. We are a fate ridden, optimistic society irrespective of our literacy or illiteracy. We believe that God is the creator of life so, no one else has a right to take it. No religion in India advocates for deliberate shortening of life except for certain exceptions like Salekhanna in Jainism, Prayopavesa in Hinduism, and Sokushinbutsu in Buddhism. Thus, from ethical point of view, Euthanasia is a moral sin in India. There has been long-standing discussion relating to the legalization of Euthanasia in the country. There is a section of society, who claim that Euthanasia violates the sanctity of life, and in claiming so, they cite wide range of religious texts to back their claim. However, on the other hand, others having a liberal view assert that the right to life must incorporate in itself, an accompanying right to choose when that life turn out to be not worth living or unbearable. [Read More]